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I hate to swim.   When a child, about 10, my brother and his friends decided to play monkey in the middle with me, taking turns dunking me.  At that age, I was a good Catholic girl with a pious attitude of humility, however, I used every potty word possible that might stop them from killing me.  Yes, I had visions of not being able to catch my breath as I bobbed up and down.  My father, who could not swim, waded in the water as far as he could, and when my brother eyed him, they stopped and went away.  I can’t remember if there was a lifeguard there or not at Highland Lake in Winsted, CT, but it my father who was my hero that day.  (Those neighborhood boys never came to the lake with us again.  I don’t know if my brother had any consequences from the actions.)

The upshot of that day was that I cannot put my face in the water to swim…I’ve tried, but doesn’t work.

So, I utilize our fantastic swimming facilities at Lakeridge in CT, http://www.lakeridgect.com by doing pool exercises with weights.  Works fine.  I prefer early morning at the West Lodge, shown above, for the heated indoor pool and hot tub, followed by a quick shower and sauna.   Our community has a seasonal, heated outdoor pool at the East Lodge. The wall of windows at the Lodge face East, so early morning is very special with sun sparkling off the water onto the side wall.  Priceless.


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