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It was about two years ago that my life changed. I took a photography course that allowed me to work in the darkroom. I had not used a 35 mm camera for years, and soon I relearned to love the snap it produced. How exciting it was to process the film and develop the contact sheet. "Surely," I often thought, "there must be a picture worth printing in the mix." Through the media of photography, my eyes were opened, and I perceived the nuances of life - there was , in this merge, a new me...not only could I see more and better, colors were enhanced and balance and proportion became something that I, without effort, evaluated...shadows and light were infused into everything that I saw...I was hooked! My art was my sight, and my awakened senses seemed to evoke a tenderness and passion for the environment and all of life. Last year I decided to test my muse for writing. I started out with a poetry and fiction class. I followed it up with screenwriting and another fiction writing class. I was hooked. I wanted more. I decided to write and/or take pictures for 100 days. So here I am: wife, mother, grandmother, student, sister, friend, photographer, writer, potter, gardener, and real estate professional. Most of all, though, I believe that I am a worthy witness to God's grace that is new each morning. Join me in my journey of family, faith, and inspiration as I walk through this season of de novo, a fresh beginning.

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